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Photo of dog in grass - Tiptree Pet Hotel

The kennels

​Our kennels have been designed with hygiene, comfort and safety as priorities.

The kennels are brick built have large indoor resting areas and outside covered runs, keeping pets dry on wet days and enabling the hatches to be left open, so your pet is not shut away during the day we also have a family kennel that can accommodate three or more dogs, depending on size, providing they are from the same household.

The Tiptree kennels are heated during the cold weather and are kept cool in the summer.

Beds and bedding are supplied but if owners wish to bring a small blanket from home they are most welcome to and this does actually help newcomers settle into their holiday home more easily.

We supply water and feeding bowls but you can bring in a toy and treats for your pet.

Each dog is walked on a lead in Tiptree's surrounding countryside in Lincolnshire and gets one to one attention every day with us rather than just put in to an exercise area and left. The dogs absolutely love this part of the day and that is part of why they are so happy when they come into stay with us.

At Tiptree Pet Hotel we have a comprehensive veterinary insurance should your pet need veterinary treatment during their stay with us. This cost is included in the price.

We are fully licensed by the local authority, this also includes an annual inspection by their inspectors.

Tiptree is where dogs go for their holidays - and we ensure the very highest standard of care at all times.


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